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New! 1692 is an ode to the times of innocence and darkness and my love for Salem. All options contain the mysterious scents of Amber essential oil, Dark Patchouli essential oil mixed with the sweetness of Pear fragrance oil and dried lavender botanicals for a soft exfoliation.


The Soap: A true solid bar with a Shea soap base, weighing at 6oz. that leaves your skin feeling smooth and you smelling mysteriously delicious.


Face scrub: made with Himalayan pink salt, bees wax, purple mica powder and sugar.


Perfume oil: made with Safflower oil, no dried botanicals inside.



Set of 3 includes all 1692 Collection Items and a handmade printed black canvas bag (5.1"x8.3") that says "My Witchy Shit". Set Valued at $40 and priced for less! 

  • Pre-Order Set

    Pre Order for the Set is a Limited Time Offer. Orders will be accepted for the set until Sunday, October 8, 2023, to allow for products to be made and sent out by October 14, 2023. Should you NOT be able to order, they will be available IN PERSON at NJ WITCHFEST on October 15, 2023, in Pompton Lakes, NJ. Information for the event will be posted on the site, emailed, and on Instagram.

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